Our clinic mixes the ideas of Oriental medicine and Western medicine. An oriental medicine which examines a full body meridian acupuncture point. A western medicine which examines where you feel the pain. By adopting both medicines, it becomes more efficient and more effective.

5 characteristics of General Acupuncture

1. Tongue, Pulse, and Abdominal diagnosis

We will examine your tongue, pulse and abdominal condition to find out the treatment point.

2. Prevention

A strong point of oriental medicine is “prevention.” An oriental medicine prevents you from getting ill by using meridian and acupuncture point.

3. Balance your autonomic nerve

Acupuncture treatment makes you relax. Acupuncture helps to improve natural healing abilities and balance your autonomic nerve.

4. Stimulate your muscles directly from the inside of your body

The big difference between massage and acupuncture is that acupuncture can stimulate directly from inside of your body. It can stimulate where we cannot reach with massage

5. Thermal stimulation recovers function of the body

Giving thermal stimulation to the body increases blood flows, white blood cells and more immunity.

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