There are many important pressure points on legs and stomach. It is effective for woemen’s health, infertility, edema and more by stimulating those pressure points.

5 characteristics of Detox-Reflexology

1. StimulatingIntestinalEnvironment

It helps to clean the body waste, constipation, and skin problem by using acupuncture, moxa, and massage.

2. Preventing Women’s Health Problem

It works to balance both autonomic nerve and hormones by stimulating legs and intrapelvic.

3. InfertilityTreatment

By warming intrapelvic, function of female genitalia will improve. Stress and poor circulation is one of the causes of intertility. Also stimulating pressure points on legs makes it more effective.

4. Sliming

Burns fat and cellulite of stomach and legs.

5. Preventing Edema

Improvement of leg‘s circulation helps to relieve from edema and recover from fatigue. By stimulating intrapelvic, it helps to increase full body circulation and gives you better result.

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