Our clinic thinks that “true beauty” comes from wellness of both physical and mental health. This is why we treat facial and full body. Your condition of intestine, physical and mental condition influence skin condition. Balance your autonomic nerve and improvement of function of internal organ will change your skin condition.

5 characterisctics of Facial Acupuncture

1. Support busy ladies

Ladies say they see the skin condition when they put make ups in the morning. Their motivation rises when the skin condition is well. Facial Acupuncture can help ladies to rise their motivation in the morning.

2. Generate the collagen

Stimulating inner skin will generate the collagen. It moisturize your skin and you will have a healthy complexion.

3. Stimulate the mimic muscles

It works on wrinkles and sagging face by stimulating the mimic muscles.

4. Improvement of natural healing power

Full body treatment will help your internal organ function to detox from the inside, which is called “inner beauty”

5. Body maintenance is available at the same time

Because we are well informed about acupuncture point, we can approach to your body maintenance at the same time. There are so many acupuncture points on your back and stomach.

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