Not just adjusting the distortion of the body and soothing the muscles, we focus on improving natural healing abilities. We pursuit overall wellbeing. To find out the root of problem, we check the tightness of muscle, range of motion, distortion of the body, and more very carefully.

5 characteristics of Wabitai Core Massage

1. Adjust the alignment of the body

Adhere the muscles and regain the function of the muscles. Straighten your body to make you fit.

Many of the problems are caused by distortion of the body.
It blocks the signals from the spine or pinches the nerve to lowers function of the muscles, and internal organs.

ex: migraine, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, back pain, sciatica, stiffness, tightness,
gastro problem, liver problem, allergy, and more.

Therefore, it is very important to straighten your body.

2. Find the root of problem

The root of problem is not necessarily where it bothers you. We examine very carefully to find the problem.

If you have lower back pain, most of the people think the root of problem is lower back.
But we think “why you have lower back pain.”

and this is the most important thing.
If you find “why”, we approach to that problem.

It can be bad posture, weak abdominal, decrease in range of motion, and etc.

3. Mix several types of techniques

By mixing massage stretch, exercise, manipulation, seitai and more, you will get maximum result.

4. Increasing range of motion and flexibility

Increasing range of motion and flexibility helps you for quick recovery.

5. Original Acupuncture method

When we cannot soothe the muscle enough with massage and seitai, we use acupuncture. To the stiff spot, to the deep place, and to the trigger point.

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