I had migraine at least twice a week. But after coulple of sessions of treatment, I get migraine only once a month when my period starts. Now I don’t have to worry about migraine. This is the place to go if you are suffering from something.
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I had a lower back pain for a long time. I did about 3,4 sessions of massage and joint correction.
The pain is gone now. It really surprised me. The pain was radiating down the leg, but that is gone, too. This salon is located at Azabu-juban close from ELE TOKYO.
Menu, Wabitai Core Massage
I was suffering from constipation for a long time. Her massage around belly was so nice. There were some place that I felt uncomfortable, and she guesses right where they were, and why. Massage on legs was also nice. It helped my edema. After the treatment, she gave me some advice what I can do.
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Wow! It was some experience. It did solve my skin problem. Also my forehead was deeply lined, but now it is much better. My skin tone is lighter, too. It took about 5 treatments but it is still worth of try.
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