Using traditional Japanese technique to make you beautiful from the inside and make you look lively. Massage, acupuncture, kanpo is a complete medical system that has been used to treat many health conditions for thousands of years. They are effective and very sophisticated.

These techniques regain your natural healing power and help your wellness.

We focus on root of problem.

Values of what Wabitai offers


Receive traditional Japanese therapy in relaxing room

We offer a space that you can feel taste of “Wa” in the clinic.


Focus on improving your natural healing power

Not just soothing the muscles but also balance your distortion of the body and autonomic nerve.


“True beauty” comes from your both physical and mental health

Treatment is done from the face to full body with precise sophisticated technique

Characteristics of Wabitai

1. Regain your health

We use traditional Japanese techniques to improve constitution and natural healing abilities, which makes you detox from the inside.


2. English is available

We both have worked abroad and fluent in English

We work with multinational customers.
We provide English- speaking environment.


3. Wabitai Core Massage gives you immediate effect

Approach to beween the muscles to adhere them, which help to regain original function of muscles. It is effective on muscle stiffness, back pain, fatigue, edema, and more.


4. Safe and effective Acupuncture technique

Work on inside of your body by using original acupuncture method

We think that “true beauty” comes from wellness of both physical and mental health. This is the reason why we work on both face and full body.


5. Certified Acupuncturists and Massage therapist

Our staff is certified by national qualification

Unlike relaxation salon, we are certified acupuncturists, massage therapist, and bone setter. We provide safe, and effective treatment


Dietary consultation


Our body is made from what we eat. We take an additive, an artificial coloring, toxic substance without knowing. Long-term accumulation of these damages our body. We offer a dietary therapy called “fasting” to improve your institution.

certified by Esthe Pro Labo



Weak muscles and poor posture is also the reason why you get pain and muscle stiffness. It is important to improve physical strength and increase range of motion to relieve the body’s load. Exercise will help you to look lively and healthy.