Your health is our goal

Wabitai, is a clinic to improve natural healing abilities, improve institution, and more by using Japanese traditional treatment that has been used for over thousands of years.

Wellness of both physical and mental health is what we are in pursuit of. Improvement of institution is very important to keep you from health and it makes you look lively.

Our clinic is available in English. We provide comfortable English environment. Do you have back pain? Muscle stiffness? Migraine? Pimple? Wrinkle?
If you have any problem with your body or skin, this is the place to come. Maybe people who don’t speak Japanese hesitate to go maintenance themselves because it is hard to tell symptoms in Japanese. We both have worked abroad and fluent in English which enables us to work with multi-national customers.

Please feel comfortable to speak in English at our place.

Seiko Akatsuka, Principal