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We are an Acupunture and Massage clinic in Azabu-Juba, Tokyo.

Do you have pain problem?
・back pain ・knee pain ・muscle stiffness, sciatica, joint pain, and more.


Or other problem?
・digestive problem・ respiratory problem・ autonomic nerves problem, and more.

Feel free to contact us.

We will solve your problem.

Menu & Price

Japanese Chiro-Massage

adjust your alignment and relieve muscle stiffness.
mixing with acupuncture and stretch.

Japanese chiro-massage acupuncture 60 min16,000 yen
Japanese chiro-massage acupuncture 90 min23,000 yen
Japanese chiro-massage acupuncture 120 min30,000 yen
+INDIBA (15分~30 min in the massage) +3,000 yen


stimulate the root of problem, and balance your autonomic nerve system.
mixing with massage and stretch.

Acupuncture 60 min12,000yen
Acupuncture 90 min18,000yen
Acupuncture 120 min24,000yen
+INDIBA (15分~30 min in the acupuncture) +3,000yen

Facial Acupuncture

Facial acupuncture(full body) 60 min 16,000 yen
Facial acupuncture (full body) 90 min 23,000 yen
Facial acupuncture (full body) 120 min 30,000 yen
+INDIBA (15分~30 min in the facial acupuncture) +3,000 yen
Facial acupuncture (face) +
chiropractic 60 min
16,000 yen
Facial acupuncture (face) +
chiropractic 90 min
23,000 yen
Facial acupuncture (face) +
chiropractic 120 min
30,000 yen
+INDIBA (15分~30 min in the facial acupuncture) +3,000 yen
Facial acupuncture(face only) package of 555,000yen

Stomach Detox Massage

麻布十番 整体 鍼灸 マッサージ 美容鍼 和美躰 わびたい Wabitai
stomach detox massage 60 min 12,000円
stomach detox massage 90 min 18,000円
stomach detox massage 120 min 24,000円
+INDIBA (15分~30 min in the stomach massage) +3,000円

Infertility treatment

Infertility treatment package of 5 55,000 yen


INDIBA 30 min        6,000 yen
INDIBA 60 min 12,000 yen
INDIBA 90 min 18,000 yen


enhance well being 70min21,000 yen
enhance well being 100min30,000 yen
ID stretch 30 min5,000 yen

Reservation Information

Address: 1-3-7 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo Belle Rain Azabu 702
Nearest station: 1 minute walk from Azabu-juban station
Business hours: 10: 00-22: 00 (irregular holidays)
Phone: 03-5797-7470
Web: Online booking