Special Wabitai course

60min ¥10,000 First time visitor: ¥7,000

Soothe your muscle with massage
Balance autonomic nerve with acupuncture
Approach to the distortion of the body with seitai

Increasing your natural healing power

First time Visitor only
Our recommendation

Improving natural healing power

Detox – Reflexology

Premium (with acupuncture) 60min ¥12,000 First time visitor: ¥9,000

Regular (without acupuncture) 60min ¥10,000 First time visitor: ¥7,000

Improving intestinal environment
Improvement of skin problem
Preventing women’s problem
Improvement of circulation
Cleans body wastes
Preventing edema
Shape up

Courses and Prices

About Wabitai

using traditional Japanese technique to make you beautiful from inside and make you look lively

Treatment room


Get traditional Japanese therapy in relaxing room

We offer a space that you can feel taste of “Wa” in the clinic.



Focus on improving your natural healing power

Not just soothing the muscles but also balance your distortion of the body and autonomic nerve.

Facial Acupuncture


“True beauty” comes from your both physical and mental health

Treatment is done to the face and full body with precise sophisticated technique.

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